AVENGER Harvester

Self Propelled Multicrop Combine Harvester

101 HP
6 Cylinder
5F + 1R
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The AVENGER Combine Harvester is best for Harvesting in the Wet Fields.

Generosity in Performance and Trust. More Power, Less Fuel Consumption!

AVENGER Combine Harvester - with Straw Walker Technology is the most successful Combine Harvester. It represents the best performance, productivity and serviceability available at the moment. AVENGER Combine Harvester is the reliable self propelled combine harvester now with new features and color. This Combine Harvester is designed for harvesting Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Sunflower and other Crops.

NextGen Design.

Performance, Power and Quality.


Technicial Specifications

Product Parameters.


AVENGER Combine Harvester

Note: As per our policy is that of continuous research and development, product specifications may change without any prior notice.