Leadership Message

Life on Farm is school of patience; you cannot rush the growth of crop or “Make an Ox in two days”. Growing up with such valuable learning from my family, I have lived in the hardships of farmer myself. It’s a fact that agriculture is to continue to feed the world; and it will only be done by “Smart Farming” through farm mechanization.

Farming is one of the most challenging yet among the noblest professions in the world. Farmer with his hard-work toiling the soil draws life on canvas of Mother Earth, feeding thousands of people without being partial.

I always looked forward to reach farmers with application based solutions to solve two major problems which our farmers faces, i.e. water scarcity and need for greater output. For example, when our double traction (4WD) tractor with optimum weight is used with rotavator for puddling applications, farmers will require 50% lesser water than while using other tractors with full cage wheels. Similarly, our tractors equipped with advanced 4WD Technology and better transmission speeds will give higher output to the farmers.

Now you must be wondering machines needs power to run them which currently is derived from fossil fuels and we are talking of sustainable and green future. That is because new technologies like Bio-diesel and hydrogen cell powered machines are not a dream anymore; on similar path my vision is to make such machines for our better future. It brings a big smile on my face, as I started focusing on similar commitment to complete the AVENGER family.